Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's over


And I was apparently very good - astounding. All I know is I had tragically awful anxiety nightmares last night and my guts have been roiling for days.

For the nightmare - think trapped in France, trying to get to the airport on a tuk-tuk which is driving down a street with lots of obstacles with an hour to get to the aeroporte and onto a 24-hr international flight to get to my presentation in 12 hrs. Oh, and still married to my ex-husband and telling him to stay in France and see the sights. Pointless, horrifying, anxiety-feeding dreams, I wish I didn't remember them so clearly. I can still see the dreamscape like it was a real experience.

Anyway, my supervisors were delighted and I got compliments from the panelists and I was spot-on time and I didn't get any curve-ball questions and they've approved my project with no amendments.


Onto the literature review.

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  1. Yes, I am so glad for his consideration....

    And congratulations!


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