Sunday, April 19, 2009

Show and Tell - I'm'a rattlin'

That's right folks, I am officially a rattlin' woman. Why, you ask? Well ... this cycle I am taking 1 x B6, 2 x Evening Primrose oil, 2 x flaxseed oil, 2 x pre-natals, 2 x False Unicorn (wtf is that anyway?). And every night before I go to bed I gulp down my 9 tablets, jump up and down and make a rattly noise.

Akshully, it's a gurgly noise but goddamit - I should be rattling!

And I'm going to add in a few big swiggs of Robitussin daily from CD10 - CD17.


On to the Show and Tell, go check out everyone else over at The Stirrup Queen.

At present for Uni I am writing a kick-arse presentation, complete with spiffy PowerPoint and punchlines, that will convince the other professors that mine is a righteous and worthy project to do.

I do believe that PowerPoint is used in one of the levels of Hell. It's on the level where you sit locked into an uncomfortable wooden bench-desk all day and night and forever with poorly-designed, text-laden PowerPoint to blind you while the most boring lecturer in Hell drones on and on, merely reading out his slides.

So I have been investigating PowerPoint and how not to kill people with it and I have to say that I am both impressed with this summary and the links it contains and with my quick-learning self. Also, please click on the link to the Presentation Zen blog which has more goodies.

I saw three other presentations yesterday - we had a practice session before the Real Deal on Wednesday - and no one was using PP effectively.

Having sounded all boasty and confident, I have to add that I am the world's most nervous public speaker, I sweat like a football player at the end of the the fourth quarter and generally feel like vomiting for a few days before and after the talk. So to have some confidence rocks.


I'm adding onto this post in the wee hours of the morning before I have to do the talk. All slides are finalised, talk has been practised and is within the time limits, stomach is appropriately knotty and tormented. Arrgghh, the horror of getting up and talking in front of a room full of people. But, I shall prevail. Surely.

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