Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yep, he quite likes toast

Conversation between two 5 year olds, the Little Guy and Noisy R.

Noisy R: "Have you got any milk?"

Me: "Yes, water or milk."

Noisy R: "Milk please."

Little Guy: "Do you have soy milk or cow's milk?"

Noisy R: "Coooow's milk!"

Little Guy: "I have soy milk cause I'm toasty-tolerant."

OMG too cute. I rang my Mum and told her quickly as I am so bad at remembering the cute things said/done. I'm real good at remembering the crud though. Ma collects Little Guy stories to tell to Gramps. He gets a kick out of hearing the funny things the Little Guy says and does.

And yes, the Little Guy is lactose intolerant (just like Gramps). If you have a child who frequently complains of a sore tummy and sleeps very badly, it may be worthwhile cutting out cow's milk - it worked for us!

Speaking of Grampies, he's deteriorating slowly ... more confusion, more pain and less wakefulness during the day. I'm heading to the hospital on the weekend to relieve Mum and spend some time with him.

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