Sunday, September 5, 2010


We can has chickens. Rescue chickens too! I've always wanted chooks and when I heard you could buy ex-battery chickens and save them from slaughter I decided to bite the bullet and chicken us up. In 24 hrs we've already gathered 3 eggs. Hooray for rescuing poor battery chickens and hooray for having enough room in our yard for a coop and hooray for our landlord saying we could do it and hooray for our girls.

Henrietta - she's boss chickeh

Ivy - ?
Kakashi - apparently she's a manga-chickeh

Sparkles - she laid an egg in the car on the way home!

Smudge is very interested in the chicken coop

Happy chickehs

A girl has to have red gumboots to tend to her chickehs


  1. They are gorgeous! Well done.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Fresh eggs are really the best.

  3. Ohhhh, I adore chickens! And what a lovely coop! I am jealous!

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  5. Oh, Pundelina I am so crazy jealous right now of both your chickens AND your gum boots! And will they have chicks, too? Will they, will they?? Please say yes!!! Seriously, where did you get those boots? Can I order them online?

  6. Great hobby, good living, distraction or whatever. Good for you. I love the boots.

  7. Oh Pundelina, the chickehs are gorgeous!!! I love love love the photos and the very glam gumboots. A girl has to have the pretteh gumboots.

    I had no idea you could rescue ex-battery hens...what a fab idea (am wondering if you could post a link/info?). what kind of chickehs are these? I plan to get chickehs for the farm one day...absolutely wonderful about your landlord saying yes. :)

  8. Love it! I'd love chickens too, they eat all your vegie scraps, and mmm fresh real eggs!

    Those are some very cute chicks, yay you for rescuing them, I read about that in the paper, and I thought, how ace!

  9. I love the way you are doing it....awesome...I am also glad your landlord permitted you to do it.

    I love the name Kakashi. Shhh...its a secret but she belong to a Samurai about 800 years back. The Samurai was slain in a duel and the poor chicken has been looking for him ever since.

    And those boots? Awesome!

  10. I love it. And now I have chicken envy! Fresh eggs. And in your car, no less:) I've told my husband that one day when we move out into the country we'll have to raise chickens. I think he thinks I'm a nutter, but a girl can dream:)

  11. OHH! I so love that you are doing this! You get to have farm fresh eggs and save these sweet creatures as well. Good for you, Pundie.

  12. Chicken envy is RIGHT! What beautiful birds. I am planning to get chix in 2011, so please do post to let us know how it goes.

    What fun! I've heard they are so much entertainment on their own.

  13. I LOVE chickens. They are so cute and funny. I love how sparkles laid an egg in the car. Poor sparkles-- but it is still funny.

    Very cute set up. I am looking forward to some hens of my own one day...

  14. The chickens are beautiful, and your red boots go very well with their red plumage. We have seven chooks - Isa Browns - that look quite similar to yours.

  15. I want those boots!!

    How did you find out about the rescue chooks?


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