Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plans and Punctures and Peacefulness

I can has a plan and I can has acupuncture and I can eben has relaxayshun.

Next cycle will be a scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel cycle, an Antagonist + Clomid cycle.
CD2 - CD6 100mg clomiphene citrate,
CD7 - trigger Gonal-F 450iu,
CD9 or something - Orgalutran
Trigger with HCG, collect many more than two wonderful beautiful ova.
Fertilise them and then get me knocked up.

That's the plan, Stan. I spoke to the doc at my WTF appointment for ages (about 40minutes) and bombarded him with my concerns and worries and fears and tears. We discussed a straight antagonist, we discussed this clomid cycle and eventually I decided to give this a go.

Hopefully the Clomid will induce my poor sluggish ovaries to recruit more primordial follicles, then the mega-dose of Gonal-F is supposed to mature them eggies so theys all purty and ready for baby-growing.

Acupuncture-lady, the lovely Alice, says I have sluggish blood flow, but nothing else wrong with me. She thinks the fibromyalgia and lack of good sleep is probably a major contributor to whatever problemo I have bin experienshing. Alice suggests weekly acupuncture, then a sesh the day before the transfer and the day of the transfer and 2 more in the luteal phase. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping she'd recommend. She says it will promote blood flow and create a healthy uterus environment.

Also I will be going off to do an Art of Living course at the end of October with my very best friend in the whole wide world who has been trying to convince me to go on one of these courses for years. Wonderfully, beautifully, she is the teacher this time and so I shall go and she shall teach me how to breeeeeathe and reeeeelaaax. While the naughty-lucky-sweet Big Guy is off at the Nerd-Fest in San Francisco I shall chill.

Will it work - I have no clue. Am I hopeful - naturellement! But hey, I'm hopeful that we could just have s.ex and get knocked up like regular folks do. Off I go to try ;o)


  1. Hmmm...I didn't know one could mix and match clomid with an antagonist cycle. Me likes. I actually responded well to clomid once upon a time (4 ripe follicles on 50 mg) so this could be useful. If I could do the surgery part myself, I would just buy the meds from Mexico and shadow your cycle as a DIY project! I am gathering info to rush over to the New Guy's office and beg for an earlier appointment this very week...I am hoping he can squeeze me in within a week or two.

    Enjoy your class! It sounds wonderful. I probably should find something like it in my hemisphere. Something to get me out of the house for anything other than a Starbuck's run. (Decaf all the way, bleh.)

  2. Meh done Clomid, meh not done Antagonist bhith it!

    Am glaid yow can have relaksation! And you can hab dis tooooo!

    Dhud Aye Thell You....All the best!

  3. I hope you do get pregnant like the countless other women - effortlessly :-)


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