Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round the corner and down the lane


We've had the first appointment with the IVF doc and now I'm the awed owner of a script for birth control and Synarel and we start our down reg cycle on CD5 (should be around the 8th June unless we're exceedingly lucky and pregnant).

The doc was very nice, and agreed I could start the down reg cycle before we've gone through the whole admitting process (nurse, counsellor and accounts on the 22nd) as we've already been through all the diagnostic schtick with a private FS and have decided to move on with it. I shouldn't have to start sniffing the synarel until the 24th, so we can chat with the nurse about the protocol on the 22nd so we'll be in track for a July egg pickup and emby transfer.

I can't believe we're doing it oomg.gif
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  1. How exciting!

    Sending you lots of good thoughts!


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