Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surgery hurts!

The Lovely Dr. L. did a laproscopy, he inspected my every fertile crevice with a tiny camera, he pinched out a sample of the endometrium and he flushed out my fallopian tubes to see if there were any blockages. All of this under a general last Friday.

Did he find anything to explain our failure to become pregnant? Anything he could fix with a swipe of a laser or a scrape of a curette? No. A resounding NO. Apparently my girlie bits are in fine working order.

Which fills me with a stupid sense of sadness. I really wanted to be blocked up. Then the Lovely Dr, L could have lasered and scraped and fixed me right up and The Big Guy and I could magically, instantly conceive our long-awaited baby.

But apparently the universe has other more mysterious plans for me.

Among those plans are having me finish Honours before a baby is born. And in a way that's good really. At least I will have totally completed my undergraduate Psych studies before taking a year off. And if I had conceived when we started trying this time last year I would now have a tiny baby and that would be difficult to deal with while my Grandfather is so ill. I need to be able to hop on a plane and fly to Brisbane at a moment's notice; I cannot do this easily with small screaming person in tow. So, I guess it's a good thing that I'm not pregnant or holding a little one right now. I guess.

Speaking of little ones, The Little Guy said something cute the other day.

He has been having swimming lessons daily for the last week and he did not like his teacher much - she was a bit stern and didn't have much fun in the pool with the kids. One day when she corrected him, he burst into tears. He thought she was cross.

Anyway, in the car the next day we were talking about what happens when people are cross and how it's good to avoid doing things that other people will be cross about. We were talking about all the people in The Little Guy's life that he obeys instantly and tries desperately to please and I asked how come he didn't care so much when I was cross with him.

From the back seat comes a chuckle and a happy voice says "It's because I like you and love you Mum!"

It's confirmed then, when a child really truly loves you and is totally secure they really don't care too much if you're cranky.

Oooh I am the Mistress of the segue today ... speaking of cranky with children ... check out these interesting parenting articles:

Alfie Kohn's "Five Reasons to Stop saying 'Good Job!'" and "The Case Against Time-out"

I like 'em!

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