Friday, March 22, 2013

OMG Wow - India Part 1

Long time no write peeps.

India was amazing.  We all loved it, no one got horribly sick, we had extraordinary experiences and fell in love with the whole place.

Goodbye Australia!

Hello river cruise in Bangkok - lots of fun, beautiful land, we have friends there so we stayed with them and were thoroughly spoiled.

Kolkata - noisy, dirty, alive. Our first taste of India, only one night there in transit. Kids were flabbergasted and horrified and delighted all at once. So were we adults.

 We visited the Mother House, this is her grave. Beautiful sentiment.

Next stop Varanasi, the peaceful Mother Ganga and beauty in old ruins.

More to come.
xx to all


  1. Come to think of it, I have seen Bangkok but have never been to Varanasi or Kolkatta.

    Have you read Dominique Lapierre's The City of Joy?

  2. Fab pix. I love the ones of Varanasi - we never made it there when we visited India but I wanted to go, looks peaceful - the last couple (I'm sure its anything but!)

  3. Very cool would love to see more.


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