Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fresh Horses - life as we know it

I'm loving Eden's Fresh Horses meme. It's on the weekend, so I can always find the time and she thinks up the idea for me - brilliant!!!  Today's theme was Picture This.

Someone wanted a Captain America helmetymasky thing - continuing his trend of asking for very specific costumery. I was very proud of my effort!

Summer afternoon at the beach - catching the end of a hot day with the dogs.

The Big Guy and I had a naughty weekend in Sydney recently, this is the best view from a train platform evah :)

Have you got some pics to show me?


  1. Love that view from the train platform!! I think if I got to see that I would struggle to actually get on the train :)

    My wish hasn't come true yet...but time will only tell!
    Thanks for visiting my blog- have a fabulous week x

  2. Did you make that Captain America mask thingy? Freaking awesome. The train platform photo is perfection. And I am jealous of anyone posting beach photos, it has been far too long since I have been near the ocean.

  3. I did make the mask! I can be so crafty very occasionally :)

  4. love the platform shot - beautiful :)

  5. I'm very impressed with the mask. I might be able to wonk something together with a glue gun and some duct tape, but yours is WAY better!

    That train platform view is pretty fantastic too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your comment made me smile.


    What stunning pics. You take a beautiful photo. XX


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