Friday, January 1, 2010

Honest and scrap and Happy New Year

My blog is honest - that's one of my failings actually. Unflinching honesty. Only popular if you are really sure that your arse doesn't look big in those jeans or if you don't care too much if I tell you the truth. (Apparently very few of you wanted to know about bad 70s movies. But hey, I is what I is. Oh, also, I'm worried that I offended people with that last post so I'm very sorry if that happened, it wasn't my intention.)

And my blog is scrap. Just like all those bits of material I will do something with one day, just like that half-broken chest-of-drawers that still kind of works that I haven't thrown out yet. It's here, it's bitty, it's pieces of my life and my feelings. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Always a patchwork of the overflow.

Thus (who gets to use that word in real life, I love thus, it's a most excellent word), thus Allie thought that I deserved this award. Thanks Allie, if there'd been an awards night I would have been sloppily dressed with my hair all over the place, stumbling drunkenly up to the stage to blushingly accept it. I has completely embraced the "drunk Christmas" part of failed IVF cycle #4.

The rules are that I should share 10 honest facts with you and pass on the award to 7 of my bloggy peeps.

But I don't have it in me tonight to write more right now so I shall nominate my gals in my New Years wishes below and when I am less ruled by awfulness and crapola I will write 10 speshul things. Here's a cartoon from the talented Lawrence Yang at

Here's hoping 2010 brings several of us our babies or healthy pregnancies, and brings joy and peace to us all!


  1. Well Well Well, 2010 is my year then??

    Thanks for the award, and congrats to you...and I sure want to read and flinch and laugh at your list of 10 things...

    I love Honest Scrap, so I shall be doing it soon....

    Take Care, and H-N-Y!

  2. Aww...thanks!

    I'll be working on it this week.



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